save your hidden agendas for other uses

DId you know that a different post on a different topic put it like this: “Don’t be a jerk”. Same thing applies to your blogging life. If you are trying to create a long term relationship with your visitors then it is good to be nice.

Be NiceA theme in this post is that blogging is a social experience. You want to have relationships with your readers that are positive and mutually beneficial. Bad mouthing people / companies / things is not a great way to achieve that. Be respectful to your readers and to people in the ecosystem. It is possible to be “not nice” and get a temporary boost from being “controversial” but it is guaranteed not to last and you’ll be left with a reputation to manage (much longer than the traffic boost lasted).

This does not mean you don’t dissent or provide an alternative point of view. By all means please do that. But there is a right way of doing it (stay on the message, be objective, provide supporting points) and there is a wrong way of doing it.

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